Saving you time, saving you money, increasing your flexibility, reach and power.

When Global Superyacht Club introduced its’ Owner programs, something fundamental in yachting changed.

Instead of buying a private yacht outright you can share the expense with one or two like-minded souls and gain the ownership experience you actually want and need.

Instead of being able to use only one yacht in one location with lengthy relocation times, now you can command a private global fleet, a fleet in which you are an Owner.

Instead of paying for every second your yacht is parked in a marina, you can control what you spend.

Global Superyacht Club Owners simply have a more intelligent approach to private yachting. They enjoy all the benefits of owning an individual superyacht while reducing their financial exposure. Yet simultaneously they exponentially increase their global power and reach with their new superyacht fleet.

Croatia aboard your own yacht today with your family, a business meeting, presentation or event aboard another in Monaco tomorrow. It is this power and flexibility that will set you apart.

All our Owners benefit from increased privacy, greater privileges, and are free from the day to day burdens of maintaining, crewing and managing and their yachts.