Global Superyacht Club have simplified every aspect of our Owners yachting life. We have removed the financial, management and time constraints associated with owning a superyacht outright.
We have removed the geographical restrictions too. Why move a yacht 1000’s of miles just to enjoy a holiday in 8 weeks time when you can have simple yet powerful complimentary arrangements elsewhere.
You can now buy a superyacht on your terms. You can dictate the size of your budget, you can eliminate waste and you can gain the experience you actually want and need.
Your private yacht

As a Global Superyacht Club Owner, your experience will be anchored around your own superyacht. Chosen by you. Personal photographs, favourite paintings, your Captain and crew will greet you on every visit.

Your private fleet

You can have the power to command your own private fleet of superyachts. Whether for business, pleasure, privacy or adventure, one yacht at a time or two. Your world and your experience of it can now be complete.

Superyacht ownership on your terms

Global Superyacht Club removes the burdens of yacht ownership. You can choose size of your investment. You can state the flexibility you need. You simply enjoy your yacht and your fleet where and when you want it.

A truly exclusive club

To ensure the exclusivity & prestige of being a Global Superyacht Club Owner, the number of vessels assigned to each yachting principality are restricted. Exclusivity is attained whilst seasonal global flexibility is maintained.

Your privacy is assured.

The yacht is all yours, so you can work, holiday and hold meetings in peace and privacy. However if desired you can immediately access a totally different vessel in an unexpected place to ensure the most privacy imaginable.

Consistency of service

Whether you are aboard your own yacht or enjoying another, we ensure that your Captain and crew are meticulously informed of your every want, need, desire and expectation. They will deliver for you, flawlessly.

Empowering your world

Global Superyacht Club Owners are free to concentrate on their business lives while we take care of all of the yachting details. From crewing, to maintenance, security, delivery and provisions. We empower you to do what you need to.

Reducing your financial exposure

You have the ability to reduce your financial exposure on your next superyacht acquisition, and running costs, by between 50-66%. You achieve this while gaining access to assets valued at many times your original investment.

Safety & Security

No matter where in the world you are yachting, you can be assured that our team has protected your privacy, conducted security assessments and equipment audits and ensured that your yacht operates to Flag Administration safety rules.

Legal & Financial structuring

Each vessel within the Global Superyacht Club is held within an individual Protected Cell Company. An Owners investment is protected, secure and isolated from other Owners obligations. All vessels have been structured to be VAT and TAX efficient..

Charter Revenue Scheme

As all yachts are owned by just a few Owners, there is a lot of downtime. Which means a lot of flexibility and opportunity for Charter Revenue. You can opt into the Scheme to mitigate your yearly maintenance and management fees to as close to zero as possible.

Global maintenance and management

Behind the scenes our team manage an intricate web of scheduling, planning, maintenance, crewing, catering, safety procedures and security checks. Your every need is anticipated and met by a team unmatched anywhere in private yachting.