Like never before…

Historically sole ownership of a superyacht is, to varying degrees, a compromised experience.

Sole owner’s need time to plan, maintain, manage and relocate a vessel around the globe to maximise the pleasure of ownership. All of this takes time and money, unfortunately more of each than an Owner would prefer to have to cater for. The result being yachts stood motionless in marina year after year.
Global Superyacht Club Owners simply eradicate the waste of time and money. They seamlessly and conveniently enjoy multiple global locations whilst increasing their pride of belonging and ownership.
The burden of time is removed as all planning, relocation, maintenance and management are performed invisibly to your satisfaction behind the scenes. The sole financial burden evaporates as costs are evenly shared.
The fleet is subtly moved throughout the year to cater for periods of high demand for Owner use and to maximise charter income.
You can arrive, board and sail within hours of your call. Owners of single vessels are identifiable by their yachts name, whereas you can enjoy absolute peace and privacy, free from prying eyes by boarding other superyachts within the fleet.
Your costs are predictable and minimised, you can choose to opt into the charter revenue scheme to reduce your yearly maintenance and management fees.
Being a Global Superyacht Club Owner puts you firmly in control of your yachting, your business and your life.