Aligning your superyachting needs across the globe

Just as Global Superyacht Club makes owning a superyacht more affordable, we also make operating one far, far easier.

Sailing around Europe and across the Atlantic is fraught with logistical complexities. Yacht relocation and delivery is a time consuming affair. Additionally, yacht maintenance, repairs, provisioning, crew selection, crew training, safety and security procedures all have to be managed. And at this point, you’re still ashore.

To ensure your time aboard is as hassle-free as possible, we employ a team of operations experts to take care of every aspect of running your yacht, leaving you free to relax whether you’re aboard or, importantly, when you’re at home or in your office.

Our teams plan the best route for your itinerary, liaise with the Captain and train the crew as to what to expect and deliver. They organise catering and provisioning including any special requests you’ve made. They source and secure prime mooring spots while checks are made that local sea and weather conditions are safe. Safety experts ensure our industry-leading standards are upheld while security experts will carefully assess your route and destination.

Global Superyacht Club provides operational support unmatched anywhere in private yachting. Behind the front line crew are engineers who ensure your superyacht and the wider fleet are perfectly maintained.

When you own a superyacht, you take responsibility for the hundreds of factors and decisions that go into a safe, reliable, enjoyable time aboard. When you own and sail with Global Superyacht Club, you make a phone call